MasterChef Didier

Maître Cuisinier de France



Didier Leroy

Canada's  "MasterChef of France"

My story

Chef Didier, a Master Chef and restaurant consultant,  has worked in Michelin starred restaurants in France and led a restaurant to the no. 1 spot in Toronto, Canada
He is known for serving Classic French Cuisine and is recognized by some of the world's best and most influential chefs for maintaining the art of French cooking and technique...
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special events

Guest chef

Chef Didier's passion for cooking goes back many years. ​​
As a Master Chef (Maître Cuisinier), Chef Didier, one of the top Chefs in Canada, brings his extraordinary skill, passion and experience to the table. His meticulous touches to his plates...

Restaurants have always had difficulty in attracting and retaining kitchen talent.  This is even more true today.  Young cooks want to learn and consider themselves to be stagnant if they remain in one restaurant for too long...
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