MasterChef Didier

Maître Cuisinier de France


"Every day I spent with Chef Didier, I  learned more than a year in culinary school"

Chef Eyal Liebman, Chef & Somm, Toronto​​

"I think he's the most talented chef  I have ever worked with. He taught me that the key components of being a chef are courage and finesse"

Chef Vittorio Colacitti,
The Good Son Restaurant, Toronto,

Born and Raised, Hamilton
Top Chef Canada Finalist 

"Chef Didier provides in-depth skills in so many areas, which I use today, in my restaurants. He truly is an artist!" 

Chef Doug Penfold, 
Cava Restaurant/ Chabrol Restaurant, Toronto

"As a trained chef, I felt honoured to work with Chef Didier. He's an extraordinary chef."

Chef Masayuki Tamaru
Concession Road Restaurant, Toronto

" Chef Didier has provided a lot of direction to my staff. To watch him work, is something to see. He's a genius in the kitchen 

Robert Prete, Owner 
Coquine Restaurant